Training Clinics
Everyone believes
The repetitiveness of performing
Starting a Half-pass
There are some ‘tired and true” methods that have been used throughout the years and passed down from trainer to trainer.  But the individual as rider and horseman can pick up these methods through those trainers and horseman & horsewoman who are one individually likes and trusts.  This can be through clinics, lessons, trainings, videos, etc.
Turn of Forehand
trainers use special secret tricks to fix and train horses. Truthfully, there are no “tricks”.  It is simply repetition, patience, and oh yes, did I say repetition.  Over and over and over again.  Training is a lot of work.
the same movement over and over is critical in ensuring your horse understands what you are teaching.  what makes some trainers better than others is to know precisely how to mix the ‘on’ (pressure) with the ‘off’ (reward).
is to guide the rider to use the correct repetition or method.  It is also to show the rider how to better read their horse, Understanding their language.  This makes it so much easier for the rider to respond to the “pressure and reward” elements, so essential for the basics of training your horse.
I believe our job as a trainer
Starting a spin
My goal is to encourage
and ensure a happy and rewarding experience, complimenting both rider and horse.  Training to enhance the natural movement of the horse, thereby developing obedience, flexibility and balance.
After all, that is why we are ‘here’
in the first place...our love for the horse.
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