Western Dressage
Western Dressage is the development of the harmonious relationship between horse and rider.
I have developed a progressive training process to bring horse and rider along an easy step by step program to achieve a high level of horsemanship in western dressage.
rewards sought by master European horsemen through the precise and technical practice of Classical Dressage.  This rigorous discipline demands patience from both horse and rider.  Still regarded as the most effective method of developing a horse’s highest athletic potential, Classical Dressage has been refined into an art form.  Western Dressage is the integration of Classical dressage with the Western traditions of horse and rider.
Dres.sage - druh-sahzh
the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility & balance
The objective of
Balance, cadence, carriage, suppleness and impulsion are
Western Dressage is for all breeds of horses, ponies
and mules, riders of all ages and all skill levels and disciplines.
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